An artisanal print of exceptional
quality, faithfully recreated
with letterpress printing
on 100% cotton paper

Relive the crucial first 24 hours
of the modern State of Israel

Savor each and every word as you relive the thrilling – and anxious – moments of the day. Read about the reports from all fronts as Israel’s neighbors attacked from every direction. You will be riveted by accounts of Haganah men and women fighting to survive in the Kfar Etzion block near Hebron., the Egyptian troops and artillery crossing the Southern border, the Spitfire aircraft attacking Tel Aviv, and the battle for the holy city of Jerusalem. Read about all the diplomatic happenings – the United States’ recognition of the new State, the Russian deliberations, the British departure, and the UN Special Assembly session. And of course, read all about the historic declaration by Prime Minister David Ben Gurion on Friday afternoon May 14th, 1948.

The newspaper that almost
didn’t get published

The Palestine Post (later to become the Jerusalem Post) was founded in 1932 as part of a Zionist-Jewish initiative, and the audience was English readers in Palestine and nearby regions. It was read by British Mandate officials, local Jews and Arabs, Jewish readers abroad, tourists, and Christian pilgrims. On that fateful day in May 1948 the paper almost never got published. There was a nationwide blackout because of the war, and Jerusalem itself had several power failures. It was only at 1:00 AM that the courageous journalists, Linotype operators, and printers were able to squeeze out a single 2-sided broadsheet for distribution in the morning to the anxious citizens of the brand new State. This was the only English newspaper with exclusive coverage of the war, and the only one printed in Jerusalem.

An original copy of the newspaper is rare and very expensive, mostly in the hands of private collectors, and rarely up for sale. But now, thanks to the expertise and craftsmanship of a veteran art director and printing master, you can own a certified and stamped Limited Edition handmade letterpress reproduction that you will cherish forever.